Hi, miner N8GRAPHICS please add a payment/wallet address to your account I need to send you a manual payment. Also Marciogomes please add a payment/wallet address to your account. Thanks
Quebecoin-Sha256 Asicboost Pool
posted 01/04/2020 00:15:50 by Cminor

Hello Welcome Everyone

Registration is required sign up here

Quick start mining
1. Login goto my account/edit account
2. In account details section enter your pin click unlock and follow the link in the confirmation email
3. Add a payment address/wallet address
4. Complete other details enter pin and click update account

5. Goto my workers add a worker 

6. Pool stratum url located in help/getting started tab

7. Input details into miner hardware/software

8. Start mining!

E.g.   Connection         Worker                Password

1.       Url:port              Cminor.miner      I6TRE7T

2.       Url:port              Cminor.1             9589567567

Wallets: https://en.quebecoin.ca/wallets

Contact/Support: https://discord.gg/AZtbsSE Discord: apps


Manual payments for Qbc sha, no auto payouts, please withdraw daily/weekly. Thanks

Low- variable diff port:8133 GH/s cpu/gpu miners 

High- variable diff port:8132 TH/s asic miners